A Signet Ring, a Personal Ring


A signet ring is a personal piece of jewelry. The ring is often worn for a lifetime and is often provided with an engraving that fits the wearer (personal engraving) or shows what or who the carrier finds important. Whether it's a family crest, a monogram or an engraving - because of the engraving the ring always has an added personal value and tells something about the wearer.
by Guido van der Eerden

People have different images engraved in their signet rings. The most chosen engraving is the coat of arms - and people who do not have a coat of arms, sometimes have their own designed for their family. But monograms, initials of the carrier or of a loved one are also often engraved. Finally, there are the self-designed engravings, which the carrier or the person who gave the ring as a gift designed himself. Below we will show some nice examples of each of these engravings.

Coat of arms engraving

Although many signet rings carry a coat of arms as an engraving, there are many differences between each one. This is not only because each coat of arms is unique, but also because there may be different manifestations of the same family crest. For example, a lady’s engraving is normally different from a man's engraving of the same family crest. For most women engravings lack helmet and tarpaulins, and the shield has an oval or diamond shape. In addition, the model and gemstone are chosen individually.

Two signet rings, both with family crest – yet still very different.

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Monogram engraving

A monogram is a symbol composed of letters and/or other graphic symbols. Often chosen are two or three initials of a name. In this case, the initials usually are the initial and the first letter(s) of the surname.

Signet rings with a monogram can have a very different look, because sometimes the background is polished in a different way (smooth versus matte), or the background or the monogram itself is made black (oxidized).

Two signet initials rings with a monogram, made out of initials.

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Own personal engraving

In some cases people bring their own design for an engraving. Occasionally it is a common symbol - think of the logo of the Freemasons or an image of a constellation. Other times people have made a design themselves or have asked someone else to make a design.

Basically, there are many possibilities regarding your own engraving, as long as the engraving is not made very small or complex. Not only are these designs hard to engrave, but it also does not benefit the recognition when the ring is engraved. As with most logos and images regarding recognition, it is a fact that simplicity is best.

Two seal rings with a personalized engraving.

Do you have an idea for a personal engraving?

Perhaps the examples above have inspired you to make a personal signet ring. Ask for advice for your family crest or monogram (free of obligation), or send me your personal design for an engraving. I will think along with you to create a beautiful personal signet ring.

Article by Guido van der Eerden
is heraldic jeweler and partner at Signet Ring BV (Zegelring BV). Together with his colleagues, Guido helps customers with perfectly handmade custom signet rings. Carefully selecting the most beautiful signet rings and the best heraldic craftsmen from around Europe - and delivering signet rings worldwide, Marlies guarantees high-quality signet rings that you will treasure forever. Every signet ring is created by a partnership between heraldic jeweler, goldsmith, engraver and heraldic experts. "A signet ring really is a personal piece of art - handmade to the millimeter."


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