Womens signet rings

Womens signet rings are usually smaller than those of men. The size and related to that, the size of the signet, are the biggest difference between womens signet rings and the mens signet rings. Women often choose a round or oval signet ring. A commonly used seal stone (in addition to the regular blue layered agate stone) is the red layered agate, which has a more feminine appearance. Furthermore, with a signet ring for women the engraving on the seal stone usually has the form of an oval or a lozenge (diamond shape). The oval shape is sometimes used for married women, whereas the lozenge or diamond shape shows that the engraving belongs to the family name of the woman. Read more about it in the article about ladies engravings in signet rings.

signet ring types of engraving family crest
Some various family crest engravings for signet rings (from left to right):
full family crest (male), diamond (female unmarried), oval family crest (female married) - without and with crest

The online signet rings collection on our website displays signet rings that are often chosen by women. These are the smaller sized rings, often worn on the ring finger or pinky finger. For less small women, the medium-sized or bigger rings also fit well.


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