Reviews and feedback by our customers

Read some of our signet ring reviews and feedback. Read first hand feedback from our customers. Just a selection of some of the reviews we have received lately:

"I have received the ring and am very happy with it."
A. Saltet

"I have received the ring and it is wonderful! Warm regards"
B. Robert

"I am speechless. Wow!!! Thank you"
G.J. Mulder

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"The ring is wonderful. Totally what I had hoped for. Thanks for the good service and good bye!"
C. de Wijs

"Not only am I very satisfied with the ring, but also your great service!"
H.R. Cornelli

"Today the ring has been deliverd and it is beautiful. It fits very well. I am very happy. Many thanks"
K. Holtring

"Just a little token of gratitude. I find the ring so beautiful. And it fits perfectly. Cannot live without it anymore. Thanks!"
V. Westerling

"I received my ring yesterday, thank you. I have to say that the end result is fantastic. I am beyond pleased. I'll write you more about my phenomenal experience in the coming days."
R. Julius

"We have received it and it is gorgeous! Thanks for the great service."
M. van Dam

"The signet ring came today and it is beautiful!!! I have put on the ring and won't take it off anymore :-)! Also very nice to have received the signet wax imprint. There you can see how detailled the seal actually is! Thanks for all your troubles and the ring is making me happy!"
M. Blank

"I love the two rings you have made. Amazing job!"
A. Mullart

"The signet ring is wonderful!!! Thanks"
J. van der Post

"Today the two rings have arrived perfectly. They are beautiful. Also my husband thought they were brilliant. Thank you again for everything."
C. Schurer


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Signet Ring (Zegelring BV) is an exclusive heraldic jeweler. Our specialized knowledge of signet rings, family crests and traditions guarantee a personal piece of jewelry that you wear endlessly. All our rings are handmade in Europe and shipped world wide.

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