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Signet Ring - your Specialist in Signet Rings

The Signet Ring is an exclusive heraldic jeweler and expert in the field of signet rings. We provide free world wide delivery.

All our signet rings are crafted by hand and outstanding in quality, so that they will last for generations.

"The signet rings look beautiful. I will be back for a ring for my younger son too."
H. Kluit - Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

"Thank you for the marvelous signet ring and your outstanding help."
F.G. de Swart - Brussels (Belgium)
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""I received my ring yesterday, thank you. I have to say that the end result is fantastic. I am beyond pleased. I'll write you more about my phenomenal experience in the coming days.""
R. Julius - Canada

Guido van der Eerden
Signet Ring Jeweler
Guido van der Eerden is one of our jewelers. We work with leading experts in the field of seal rings, international heraldry and coat of arms and some of the best gemstone engravers in Europe. Just have a look at our signet rings.

Let us forge and engrave your signet ring - Please choose the type of signet ring of your liking:

Types of signet rings: silver, gold and white gold

Signet rings come in various types and sizes: silver signet rings, gold signet rings and white gold signet rings. Please choose the desired precious metal, and afterwards you can choose your modal and type of signet ring:

On the side you can see a number of examples of signet rings. Click on the image for a larger view.
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Quality of a signet ring

As a signet should last a long time, quality of materials and workmanship is of great importance. The manufacturing of a signet ring calls for joint approach by heraldic expert, a goldsmith and engraver. We combine this knowledge and can therefore offer an extensive collection of signet rings of very high quality.

Family signet ring

A signet ring is usually provided with a coat of arms / family crest. In our Dutch archive of signet rings, you can check whether your family has a family crest if you have Dutch roots. Via our alphabetical ordered online archive of seal rings, it quickly becomes clear whether your family has a coat of arms. If your family does not have a coat of arms, it is possible to design one for you and use it in your signet ring.

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Signet rings - a family tradition

A signet ring often travels from generation to generation. Signet rings create a connection between families from the past, present and future. We provide high quality seal rings. Since 1991 we have helped numerous families all over the world with a signet ring.

Signet rings jeweler: crafting and engraving

The signet ring jeweler discusses all the possibilities and whishes with the customer. A signet ring then is handmade: the goldsmith forges the ring and the engraver makes a detailed engraving (often family crest or monogram) in the seal stone. The signet ring can be made in various designs and with various materials. In our online gallery of the most common models and materials are included. Having your signet ring created is easy: just place your order online, and our goldsmith and engraver start crafting.

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Signet ring International

We have helped numerous people from around the world. We notice that signet rings are popular for example in Australia, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom. We can ship your signet ring world wide. Selecting an online signet ring is easy on our website. Don't know your ring size? Juist use these online ring size tools.

Choose from our signet rings online, or make a special request if you are looking for a particular signet ring. We are happy to discuss the possibilities. Just contact us to inquiry about your wishes or price quote for your custom signet ring.


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Signet Ring (Zegelring BV) is an exclusive heraldic jeweler. Our specialized knowledge of signet rings, family crests and traditions guarantee a personal piece of jewelry that you wear endlessly. All our rings are handmade in Europe and shipped world wide.

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