Does my family posses a family crest or coat of arms?

A signet ring is usually adorned with a family crest, coat of arms or a monogram (often your initials). If your family has a coat of arms, you can use that on a signet ring. If your family does not have a coat of arms, you can choose to engrave a monogram, or you can design a new coat of arms with a heraldic expert. The coat of arms must meet the traditional heraldic rules to be a real family crest. The coat of arms can then be used for a signet ring for you and your family.

In the archives of family crest signet rings you can see if we have access to a family crest related to your family name; but note: only name similarity is not enough to assume that the crest of your family. You will still need to research whether you really (in the male line) is descended from the original carrier of the family crest.

Could not find a family crest of your family? You can have a custom made design for you to place in your signet ring. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas about the rings engraving.


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