Looking for affordable or a cheap signet ring?

With the rising gold prices of the last 20 - 30 years, signet rings also have become more expensive. If you are looking for a cheap signet ring, we recommend choosing a ring from our silver signet rings. Because the price of silver is much lower than the price of gold, a silver signet ring is much more affordable. Ordering a signet ring online often also proofs to be cheaper than buying a similar ring in a store. Check out our collection and prices of silver signet rings online.

Please note that a silver signet ring is more vulnerable than a (white) gold signet ring, so it is the less obvious choice when you plan to use the signet ring every day or you want to pass on the ring to (grand) children.


About us

Signet Ring (Zegelring BV) is an exclusive heraldic jeweler. Our specialized knowledge of signet rings, family crests and traditions guarantee a personal piece of jewelry that you wear endlessly. All our rings are handmade in Europe and shipped world wide.

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