Mens signet rings

Mens signet rings are often larger than those of women. The biggest difference between mens signet rings and the womens signet rings usually is the size of the ring. And since the signet or stone size is related to it (for a large ring a large stone is a better fit), also the size of the signet or seal stone is different than that in womens signet rings. Some men prefer rounded corners - the so called cushion signet rings. But this is certainly not a rule - there are many men wearing round and oval signet rings.

Another characteristic of a signet ring for a man is that when a mens signet ring is engraved with a coat of arms, often the engraving involves the entire family coat of arms - including helmet, crest and mantling. In womens signet rings more often an engraving is chosen (in oval or diamond shape) of only the shield of the coat of arms with the crest on top.

Our online signet rings collection displays signet rings that are often chosen by men. These are the larger sized rings. The medium-sized rings also fit well with men - for the ring finger or little finger.


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